VENCZEL leather products are made from vegetable tanned bovine leather. Our leathers are sourced from Italian tanneries with decades of experience in the process of vegetable tanning and supplies the most well known luxury houses with hides of the finest quality. The raw material hails from Europe and is a recovered product from the meat industry. Our hardware is made in Italy, from palladium plated brass and is free from nickel and lead.

Our leather products are made in Italy, blending the traditional craft of saddlery with modern technology.






Please follow the necessary steps in order to maintain the leather’s crafted characteristics and allow your products to age as beautifully as possible.


-Protect your product from prolonged exposure to sources of direct sunlight, excessive heat and humidity.

-Avoid contact with water and other liquids, in case of contact with liquids, gently dab the leather with a soft absorbent cloth.

-For protective treatment and to help keep the leather supple, use only leather balms made from natural ingredients, like the leather balm provided with our products. After 5-6 months of use, apply protection, following the instructions provided.

-Detergents or chemicals should not be used as cleaning agents, as they can harm the leather.

-Coarse and abrasive surfaces can leave permanent marks on the leather, lighter scratches can attenuate if gently polished with a soft cloth and natural leather balm.

-Store your product in the original dustbag at room temperature in a well ventilated area, with tissue paper as filler. Do not store in plastic bags.

-Exposure to direct sunlight will darken light leather and lighten dark leathers.

-Leather can transfer color onto light textiles.

-To preserve the shape of your product, avoid overloading it and placing irregular shaped items inside.





VENCZEL jewellery pieces are made from palladium plated eco brass. Eco brass is free from nickel and lead and meets international regulations set forth by the European union, the world health organisation and the U.S product safety commission.

Our jewellery pieces are made in Italy. Please follow the necessary steps to care for your jewellery piece.


-Protect the jewellery from prolonged exposure to excessive heat and humidity.

-Avoid contact with perfumes, chemicals and strong detergents.

-Excessive friction or contact with coarse and abrasive surfaces can leave permanent marks.

-Palladium plating can tear of after excessive friction, but can easily be re-plated by your local jeweller.




For further questions about our materials or how to care for your product please